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Blogger is not suitable for Online Stores and Business Outlets

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Blogger / Blogspot is not suitable for Online Stores and Business Outlets. Many people who already know the benefits and power of blogs, especially that provided by Blogger.com, or better known as Blogspot. many entrepreneurs who have made use of Blogs as a medium of sales and promotions on the internet. The selection is certainly not without reason, in addition to easy and familiar in its use, blogspot can also be utilized without the cost. Design templates, wigend can be replaced easily and is available in google search, without having to have a graphic design background or previous progremer. Not surprisingly, the number of users Blogspot increased from year to year.

But there are still many who doubt Blogspot can be used for serious matters such as online shops or business outlets. It looks more suitable for daily journals deemed incompatible with the habits of business. Generally, business website main page displays products in small sizes. If selected, the detail page opens. While blogs display posts / articles / news extends downward, based on the time of writing in reverse order in one column. Some blog owners around this by displaying products in a few lines extending downward. Certainly the view often as needed.

When in fact the same blogspot templates with other web appearance can be modified according to need. If you do not mengusai programmers, but would like to beautify the appearance of online stores or outlets for business can be realized easily, with a search on google of tempate blogspot, widgets, and HTML / JavaScript is available to live your choice and apply on your blog as needed.

You are given the freedom to determine the look of online store or business outlets on blogspot. That way, you can be creative in order to look at your blog cool, elegant and easier for visitors to transact online store or stores in your business.

Realize your dream with Blogger / Blogspot.
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