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Google+ The Unsold

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When idblogku visit yahoo.com to see what Headline News days there, but from a distance looks already people are gathered membicarakn something. There was what was the feeling curious, idblogku to him and find out what was discussed? ..

What? .. Google+ does not sell, a sense impossible.
Google.com is the largest company memperkasai Gmail, Buzz, Google Translate, Web Search, Google Chrome, google +1, see the other google products.

As of a month already since the age of Google+ since its first release.

Initially, the emergence of new social networking sites is welcome crowded. Many people are looking for ways to be in-invite. If it can be invitational, joy is not playing.

The number of users exploded in the first two weeks. In the third week, the number has reached 20 million. But now it seems the heyday was gradually fading.

As reported by Bloomberg, the total number of visits Google+ fell 3% in the fourth week. The number of new users are increasingly less.

What is perhaps Google+ can beat the current Facebook users has reached 750 million?

In fact, the average Google+ user account visit only briefly, from the first five minutes so just 15 seconds. Time is very short visit was possible because users do not see any new activity from my friends at akunnya.Mungkin not because there is no activity, but because his friends were still more pleased to update everything on your Facebook account.

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